Tuesday, 3 September 2013

5x5 List

Five Artists

 Macklemore&Ryan Lewis - he is not a stereypical hip hop artist that raps about cars and guns , he isn't the biggest hip-hop artist in the world but he has meaningful lyrics .

Arctic Monkeys - i like the genral beat of there songs , there music is very chilled and the lead singer has a distinctive tone .

Jake Bugg - I love what Jake Bugg does , he is an amazingly talented young artist , with a hint of country in his voice that leads to a great song being released .

Disclosure - Disclosure create more dance/drum and bass style music , there songs always put you in a good mood and you always want to nod your head to a song .

JT - He is a very well know artist , who has released some incredible songs that have topped the charts world wide , his tunes just hill you out and his newest album " The 2020 experience" is a great buy .

Five Films 

Superbad - This is probably my favorite comedy film to date , its full of comedic actors and jammed packed with hilarious moments .

Green Street - i like Green street because i love football and violent films and this just combines the two together , it has a good story line and it feels like real life .

We're the Millers - I like this film because it is hilariously funny , and i love comedy's. its has lots of popular actors in and lots of laughable moments .

Kick Ass - Action films are another one of my favorites , therefore i enjoyed this film . It has a mix of characters and the main character is a young girl which is unexpected .

TED - Ted is one of the best animated films i have seen , it has many funny moments and it has such a good story line .

Five Songs

Macklemore - Same Love - This is a very meaningful song , the lyrics are very powerful and send out a clear message . i like it because it has a very catchy rythme and Macklemore raps about meanigful things .

Artic Monkeys -  Do I Wanna Know - This song is a very chilled song its great to listen to when you just want to relax , it has has great beat .

Jay Z - Holy Grail - Jay Z is an incredible hip hop artist , and this song is off his new album , its a great tune with a very catchy chorus and Jay Z is one of the best rappers .

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines - This is tune of the summer , its very catchy and makes you want to sing along , and im tapping my foot to the beat .

Bastille - Laura Palma - This is my favorite song , its so chilled and great to put the headphones in and listen to.


Batman - I like batman because he is not a stereotypical superhero , he doesnt have any super powers yet does his duty to save gothem city .

Spiderman - Spiderman is my favorite superhero , i like him becuase he says " With great power , comes great responsibility " .

Superman - Superman is one of the most well known superheroes , mostly from his super strength and his ability to fly and save the day .

Incredible Hulk - I like the incredible Hulk because of his in humane strength , also due to the fact that it is a normal guy who when angry turns into this beast .

Iron Man - Iron Man is a great super hero because he can take a lot of damage , also his ability to fly allows him to defend himself .

Video Games

FIFA - One of the best football games created , every time the game is updated it seems to get better , and the graphics make it exceptional .

Grand theft Auto ( GTA ) - A mans favorite game , violence , cars , money , missions , excellent .

Call of Duty - Everybody loves call of duty , its a great war game , and has a great campaign .

Forza Motorsport - A very good car game , has very good graphics and gives you a wide range of cars to race .

Assasins Creed - A very creative game , very detailed and you can play it for hours .

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