Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Film Question 

We're the Millers

1.) What made you want to go and see the films? I went to see this film because it had a lot of popular actors and stars in it , i typically go for comedy genre and this film was quoted as " hilarious " also the little snip it trailer was very eye catching and immediately made me want to go and see the full movie .

2.) Did you like or dislike the films? i liked " We're the Millers " as it was packed full of comedy and i didn't stop laughing throughout , even though it was a comedy it had a very good story line which kept me interested throughout .

3.) What factors impacted or your enjoyment or lack of enjoyment? there was a few environmental factors that lead to my enjoyment of this film , i was in the showcase cinema so it was very comfy and relaxing whilst watching the film , also the whole cinema was laughing along which led to my enjoyment . Also the film in general was exactly what i wanted to see and exceeded my expectations .

4.) Compose a post with your conclusions.- If im going to the cinema it would have to be at the weekend with friends as i feel more relaxed and it creates a better atmosphere , and it would have to be comedy or action film as these are my favorite genres .

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