Monday, 2 December 2013

The Kings Speech

What makes a film British ? Most people would associate a British film with things that are typically British , like a setting in the UK , or a focus on typically British people over seas . It should also include mostly British actors in the cast , and a story line based on certain aspects of a stereotypical British life . example of this are Bend It Like Beckham , The Kings Speech.The Nationalities of the Scriptwriter,director , producers etc , are less important however if they were also British it would make for a British classic . The King Speech is a great example as it has British cast  , its based in great Britain on British history and also the director is British. 

Exhibition Issues - Box Office in the UK ? The Kings Speeches box office performances succeeded any expectation momentum pictures had , with a 3.52 million gross in the opening weekend , this put all other British films to shame as Slumdog millionaire only made 1.83 million in its opening weekend , calender girls made 1.88 million in its opening weekend ,  atonement made 1.63 and finally Pride Of Prejudice made 2.53 million .

Exhibition Issues and reviews : the films reception ? The film got an incredible critical reception as it was nominated for 14 Baftas and 11 Oscars , they include best picture , best director best supporting actor and actress best screenplay , best editing and many more.  In response to the question " Not another film about the Monarchy . What good are they to anyone " the guardian said that they are a god send for the British film industry as if you think about it really films like this are promoting the British legacy , they then go on to say how lead man Colin firth picked up a golden globe for his part and his appearance lead to a Facebook campaign being made to elect him ascend to the throne .

Critical review of the film  ? 

Web 2.0 and Exchange ? 

The Films Production Issues ? 

Firstly many people found it very peculiar that people would want to make a film that highlighted somebody with a stutter and especially to mimic the king like that . Also See-saw , a British/Australian company financed and produced the film , by getting deals with key distribution partners like The Weinstien company (USA) and Momentum Pictures  (UK) and more . But See-saw had a huge decision to make when fox - searchlight came sniffing and wanted in , but they wanted to own all of the rights to the film . This meant See-Saw would have to cut other partners which led to a big issue , but See-saw chose to turn down fox-searchlight and keep their original partners . While preparing the project , the films production team provoked the ire of one of the film's stars , Geoffrey Rush ,by taking the unorthodox step of posting the movie script through his home letterbox in Melbourne , Australia . Rush's management team wrote an angry email to the filmmakers for their impertinence . But despite this rush excepted the role he was offered . Also the kings speech first set out as a play in 2006 so had to get the writes from the writer of the play to be able to make the film .

The Finance ?

Prescience saw the films potential early on and became the key financier of the film . The Weinstien company and Momentum pictures were also obviously large investors into the film .The UK film council gave See-Saw one million pounds for the production which with all the investment gave them a budget of around 15 million pounds .

Distribution and Marketing issues ?

These posters have been marketed to stand out and draw in the audience with words and phrases from critic reviews . Momentum pictures the British distributor created the films market plan and marketed the film to UK audiences .

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