Thursday, 17 October 2013

Media Dredd Essay

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  1. Jack

    Your introduction is good BUT I think you could express these points in a more succinct way? Currently it reads a little too much like a film review because the introduction is so long. Be sure to cram your essay with facts (like you begin to do towards the end of paragraph 1)

    In paragraph 2 make sure you link points back to the question, did filming in SA have any impact on the films success. Likewise be specific about which scenes used CGI and how this would have impacted on the film's success or failure. Your point about 2D and 3D is very good and links directly to the question. Likewise the comparison you draw with The Raid is also very good.

    You have lots of facts on screens and box office but just make sure you make the link to success and failure explicit. Look back at our work on release patterns and audience types and think how you could expand your response in this section.

    Your section on Bond is strong and you begin to link in your knowledge of what makes a film British, what you should have done is instantly compared it to Dredd and commented on whether that made an impact on its success or failure. You include 'film buffs' which shows me you are learning some of the important terms for the exam. Try to also include key terms for release patterns.

    Well done for ending the essay in the correct fashion with a focus on the future.

    Argument 16/25
    Evidence 15/25

    31 C